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In another astounding display of arrogance and deceit, Commie Maryland has put out an intellectually dishonest hatchet piece about a candidate in the 6th Congressional District.
Oh Honey

Claim: Amie Hoeber donated $500 to Martin Owe’Malley in 2010 to generate business for Versar Inc, a company in which she sits on the Board of Directors.

Analysis: This entire premise is based on the idea that her $500 donation was exclusively to support the passage of the rain tax, thus generating business for Versar.

Background: Versar is an environmental, engineering, and construction firm. A portion of their business is stormwater management.

Logical Fallacy: Lack of proper research before presenting a “fact.”

The Commie Maryland headline makes for some good click-bait advertising and self-aggrandizing. I was curious about the claim, so I decided to spend 5 minutes on Google to figure out if there was any credence to these claims.

Did Versar Inc. get into the stormwater management field upon passage of the disastrous Rain Tax? Did Owe’Malley personally ensure that Versar was awarded contracts because of the campaign donation?

The answer to both questions is “no.”

I uncovered a press release from March 14, 2000 in which Versar was awarded a contract for stormwater compliance in Frederick County. Were a bunch of Democrats in charge of Frederick County in 2000? Hardly, the 1998-2002 Board of County Commissioners were David Gray (R), Ilona Hogan (R), Terre Rhoderick (R), Lennie Thompson (R), and Jan Gardner (D).

Another 2 minutes on Google also revealed that Frederick County believes Versar was doing a good job. As of March 2014, the company has been awarded six prior contracts with the county since 1999, including water quality and biological monitoring, illicit discharge investigations, industrial stormwater inspections, pollution prevention, and watershed restoration planning.

Anyone else notice the pattern here? Select a target, lie and misrepresent the candidates position, then create an article to attack said candidate? Perhaps Ms. Hoeber refused to pay into the Commie Maryland protection racket?

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After a year fighting bears and chopping wood in the forest, a Cancer has emerged in Frederick County. The only way to kill Cancer is with fire, and casting a ballot.

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