Frederick County Central Committee: June Recap

By Eric Beasley

Short and sweet, the way that an unpaid blogger prefers meetings that he covering to be. Last night was the Frederick County Central Committee meeting, a short and to-the-point meeting. The open part of the meeting took about 45 minutes, which was unheard of under the previous Chairwoman’s reign of terror administration.

The Central Committee is on solid financial footing going into this election, even after paying for the Frederick Fair booth and other miscellaneous expenses. If their funds are spent to help all candidates this year, instead of spent benefiting a few theocrats, I believe the Central Committee will be in a position to help add a few Republicans to the list of elected representatives.

In some other new, the Fall MDGOP convention will be held here in Frederick. I might consider going to this one, if for no other reason than to mock the cocktail party crowd.

Congressional candidate in the 6th District Amie Hoeber invited the CC to dinner to talk about her campaign. They’ll be dining on Monday, along with representatives from the Republican Club, Young Republicans, and Women’s Club. Hoeber has also stated that she is OK with other candidates in the area using her brick and mortar office, details are still being worked out on that arrangement.

Speaking of campaign offices, Hoeber’s campaign office will be right here in Frederick, the office right next to the Hampton Inn adjacent to 270. As stated by Chairman Shreve, “Official food sponsor of the 2016 campaign will be Cracker Barrel.”

As has become custom with the new Chairman, reports were requested from the other County Republican groups. Two visitors were also in attendance, so we introduced our clubs (I spoke for the Republican Club), when our meetings were, and how to get in touch with us.

The Frederick County YR’s are holding an event for Congressman Roscoe Bartlett’s 90th Birthday on Thursday, June 16th. Be sure to get a ticket and come on out.

The CC went into a closed session for the last part of the meeting. I do not know what was discussed or covered. But I can confirm there was no yelling, furniture thrown, ruckus, I did not observe any black eyes on members of the CC, and the building which the meeting was held was still standing as of 8:25 PM last night.

Just come continued observations of the CC:

  • The atmosphere is a stark contrast to previous meetings. For all his faults, and you people know that I have some serious qualms with Chairman Shreve, he does run a solid meeting. Even as a member of the audience, participation in the meeting is encouraged. It feels like a meeting between Republican activists, not a meeting where the CC sits on a throne.
  • This sort of leadership is what Republicans will need in 2018 to take back our county. Anything less and Republicans will either make no progress or we will lose seats.


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After a year fighting bears and chopping wood in the forest, a Cancer has emerged in Frederick County. The only way to kill Cancer is with fire, and casting a ballot.

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