Frederick County BoE No-Slate Slate Under Investigation

By Eric Beasley


The Cookie-Cutter Democrat, Union sponsored and funded, No-Slate Slate is presently under investigation by the Maryland Board of Elections for possible campaign violations related to their sham “collaborative campaign.”

I received an e-mail last night from the man, the myth, and the legend, Mr. Tiberius himself in response to an inquiry made to Stuart Harvey of the County Board of Elections:


Since we have a legitimate, fair, and logical Board of Elections director here in Frederick County, the response was swift and to the point:


It only took a mere 12 minutes for a response. That’s better than 911.

We have talked extensively here about this scam that the Teacher’s Union in concert with Mike Bunitsky, Joy Schaefer, and Ken Kerr are running on campaign finance law. They are a slate who refuses to file as a slate.

Imagine the outrage if I decided to create the “Thor PAC” and not register it as a PAC. There would be calls of corruption, Democrat outrage over a PAC that was not registered as a PAC, and likely prosecution or heavy fines for refusing to do the paperwork required for my PAC.

Yet, the same people who sit around decrying our current campaign finance laws (read: Frederick County Democrats) are the ones justifying this No-Slate Slate.

You see, we live in Frederick County. Which has a new ethical standard, we operate based off the “appearance of impropriety.” That is, there does not have to be any illegal or unethical activity for us to get outraged over it. It just has to look like just possibly, maybe, there is something fishy. Like when you know that the milk in your fridge is going to be sour tomorrow, but you drink it today anyways because Brunswick has no grocery store.

Obviously this standard is not applied equally, as teachers are still voting on the budget, WF Delauter cannot bid on County Contracts, and the County Executive can run rough-shed over private property owners because of familial relations (more on that later, Thank God for Granicus!)

Given the standard given to our county by the Enlightened Urbanites, the No-Slate Slate is acting in an unethical manner and should be penalized for their unethical behavior. I would start with voting for one and only one, Cindy Rose.

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Eric Beasley
After a year fighting bears and chopping wood in the forest, a Cancer has emerged in Frederick County. The only way to kill Cancer is with fire, and casting a ballot.

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