Standards & Ethics


A Miner Detail’s mission is to inform and equip the public with authentic news and information in an effort to inspire a profound appreciation and understanding of Maryland politics and current events as well as government and its leaders at the local, state and federal level.

In effect, A Miner Detail generates, acquires and disseminates news that invariably meets the highest standards of journalism.


A Miner Detail is an independent, nonpartisan news outlet that distributes information only before meeting the strictest newsgathering standards.

We practice authentic journalism – accurately, fairly, independently, and categorically.

We are fair, transparent, timely, accurate, unbiased and impartial. Every opportunity to gather news, report the facts and disseminate information is done to bolster the public trust in our organization.

Our news is gathered with integrity and deference to all parties involved.

A Miner Detail works indefatigably to earn the public’s trust – and to be worthy of the profession we practice.


A Miner Detail’s purpose is to responsibly gather the facts of every story in pursuit of indisputable, abject truth. Our newsgathering process is held to the strictest of journalist standards.

We verify every minor detail; we double, triple and quadruple check sources, as we ensure our sources’ motivations are purely related to the value of delivering news or exposing a fundamental truth. All sources are strenuously vetted and robustly questioned.

A Miner Detail rests on its integrity.

We constantly seek to conduct ourselves with the intention of proving our worthiness to the public. Our main allegiance is to the public and to the public alone. Personal and professional interests may sometimes conflict; however, A Miner Detail will invariably disclose allegiances or connections to individuals and groups in the form of an unequivocal disclaimer.


A Miner Detail occasionally provides political commentary separate from its reporting. All commentary is precisely and unambiguously labeled as such.


A Miner Detail is supremely accountable to its readers and to the general public.

We take absolute responsibility for our work: We stand at the ready to disclose our newsgathering methods and tools at moment’s notice.

Mistakes in journalism are inevitable. If mistakes are made, A Miner Detail immediately and forthrightly corrects the record with its readers. Moreover, A Miner Detail will seek to understand how a mistake was made and will learn to avoid similar mistakes in the future.

We are not immune to criticism. We strongly believe in the value of debate and discussion. We believe healthy feedback makes us stronger, and it helps us to better do our jobs to inform the public.

If you believe we have made a mistake, we encourage you to contact us immediately.

A Miner Detail invariably makes its news decisions on the merits of the facts and wherever the story leads. We do not make news decisions or show deference to our financial contributors or advertisers.

We do not skew our news stories for preferential gain, and we are not influenced by anything but the pursuit of truth. Any effort to unfairly or inappropriately skew our news coverage will be newsworthy in and out of itself.

And we do not scare easily.

Any effort to intimidate or bully A Miner Detail will be met as a challenge to work harder to expose the underlying motivations of the subject(s) involved.