Nigel Dardar compares Hancock citizens to inbred movie characters

By Ryan Miner 

In a maundering – and at times, incomprehensible – email addressed to Maryland’s director of the division of the Candidacy and Campaign Finance as well as Herald-Mail newspaper reporters, state and county elected officials and Hancock town officials, Hancock mayoral candidate Nigel Dardar compared Hancock citizens to the terrifying inbred characters featured in the 1972 American drama cinema thriller, Deliverance.

Dardar’s Sunday afternoon email, sent on January 22, was written as an earnest plea to Jared Demarinis of  Maryland’s State Board of Elections to send Maryland election officials into Hancock to observe and monitor the upcoming January 30 mayoral and Council election.

The former Hancock councilman went further in his imploration, requesting that federal officials, namely the IRS and the FBI, station agents inside Hancock’s town hall on January 30, the day of the election.

Dardar, 69, ostensibly believes that certain town officials, his nemeses, are conspiring against him – and only him – in a joint effort to prevent him from being elected mayor of Hancock.

Ignoring all signs of reality and presenting no facts to substantiate his accusations, Dardar also apparently believes that a reputed mob of Hancock insiders is working underground to rig the town’s upcoming election. Of course, Dardar, honest-to-God, believes that only he can save the sleepy river town from its incestuous townfolk.

Dardar briefly removed his tin foil hat, interrupted his Sunday afternoon ritual of watching Mystery Science Theater and meshed the pause button on his internet radio of a recent episode of The Alex Jones Show when he rushed to his iPad to author his audacious email overture, as seen, unabridged, below:

–Original Message—–

From: Nigel Dardar []

Sent: Sunday, January 22, 2017 3:18 PM


Cc:;; Don Aines; Ralph Salvagno; Timothy Smith; leviblittle59; David Smith; DanMurphy; Wayne Keefer; Kaye Robucci;; Mike McKay;; Kirk Downey;

Subject: I have VERY Large Concerns about How Municipal/Town Elections Have Been Conducted In Hancock…I BEG FOR A REPRESENTATIVE FROM YOUR OFFICE and/or the IRS and/or THE FBI…to be within and without our Town Hall on January 30, 2017 to observe our election p

To the Maryland Board of Elections,

Some of us citizens in Hancock, Maryland feel like we are:

1. Living in an feudal fiefdom that is ruled over by a group of Royals who think they can do what ever they want, whenever they want, to whom ever they want with absolutely no consequences.


2. The men from ….”the city”….in the movie…..”Deliverance” …who have stumbled across a heavily wooded, inbred community of individuals that do not answer to any civilized/ethical society outside of their own inbred community located along a River.

Is there…. any….any…any, city, county, state in America that allows PRIVATE citizens to pick up from the local controlling…”election board”….a BLANK Voting ballot…carry it to a voting citizen’s ….HOME…., stand either on the front porch and/or living room while that voter votes, places the completed voting ballot into a “sealed envelope”…and then that private citizen carries that completed voting ballot back to the Hancock Town Hall that for all intents and purposes is controlled by a Town Manager who’s job has depended for years on a singular mayor and a perpetually revolving group of….YES MEN …councilmen to keep

his job.

In the past I have pleaded for help from:

The Hancock Town Attorney
The Washington County Election Board
The Washington County Ethics Commission
The Washington County Attorney
Henry Bogdan..(Maryland Non Profits Advisory Commission) Maryland’s Attorney
General The IRS office in Dallas Governor Larry Hogan’s Office Maryland’s
Medical Cannabis Commission Hancock Mayor Dan Murphy..(for 20 years)
The Hancock Town Council…(ever since 2009)

All have various fancy reasons why they will not….can not ….change the Hancock Election procedures that I have described above.

   Somewhere in Maryland or in the Federal Government there has to be someone who questions what goes on in Hancock on Hancock’s Election

Day…January 30, 2017.

Nigel Dardar


Sent from my iPad=

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