Neil Parrott for Robin Ficker?

By Ryan Miner 


Just when Maryland’s Republican 6th District primary couldn’t get any weirder, something else occurs that could cause you to say aloud “WTF?”

Multiple sources, including Republican insiders, in Washington County claim that Neil Parrott is privately supporting “Attorney Robin Ficker” in Maryland’s 6th Congressional District. The same sources have said that Parrott is making personal pleas to voters in Washington County and elsewhere in support of Ficker’s congressional candidacy.

This past Thursday evening Neil Parrott released an email newsletter that featured a list of his endorsements in the upcoming Maryland primary. Here’s what Parrott had to say about the 6th District Republican primary:

Congressional District 06 – No Endorsement.  There are many good candidates in this race.  Before you vote, please research the candidates’ positions on important issues like abortion, taxes, and guns. 

But several Republicans in Washington County claim that Parrott is affirmatively supporting Robin Ficker, only in private. 

Neil Parrott won’t respond to my inquiries. I won’t bother contacting him for comment, but he is welcome to call me  – (301-991-4220) – or email at if he so desires.

So is Neil Parrott on the #TrumpCruzFicker ticket?

Ryan Miner Administrator
Ryan Miner is Editor & Founder of A Miner Detail, a Maryland Politics Blog.

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