Ferleman refers to blocked commentators as “snowflakes” & “lefty liberals”

By Ryan Miner 

Montgomery County District 2 Council candidate Dr. Thomas Ferleman, a Republican, is doubling down on his attacks against the two individuals whom he blocked from his public campaign Facebook page for posting questions he refused to answer and characterized as “trolling, harassment, overly hostile, and organized political opposition.”

Last Thursday, Sean Branchaw and Kevin Kelley, whom Ferleman has known for many years and has attended church services with, commented on Ferleman’s public campaign Facebook post in which he questioned what the Montgomery County Council plans to do in the aftermath of the shooting that left dead two Montgomery County high school students.

Below is Branchaw and Kelley’s comments that Ferleman removed from his post:

Ferleman posted again to his campaign page, enumerating the reasons he deleted and blocked Branchaw and Kelley, writing, “The posts we deleted came from two individuals working together as organized political opposition. One of them had worked as a paid political operative for a former and future Democratic candidate in Montgomery County.”

Facebook followers of Ferleman’s public page took notice of the blocked comments and responded in kind, questioning why Ferleman rushed to block two seemingly innocuous questions instead of engaging the two men in a Facebook conversation as well as speculating on his mental fitness to run for public office.

On Sunday afternoon, Ferleman posted to his public campaign Facebook page the latest article I wrote about him reportedly threatening legal action against Kevin Kelley, but he altered the title of the URL, the photograph and meta description tag and quickly deleted it. The internet, however, is forever.

See below:

Ferleman continues to, as some argue, condescend Mr. Kelley and Mr. Branchaw, referring to them as “boys” and dismissing them as nothing more than liberal and organized political opposition.

Kelley worked as paid canvasser for David Trone’s unsuccessful congressional campaign in 2016; both men have no connection to any political campaign targeting Ferleman nor are they working for any of Ferleman’s Republican or Democratic opponents.

The District 2 Republican candidate is now doubling down on his critiques of Kelley and Branchaw, pejoratively labeling the two men as “winning snowflakes” (it is assumed that Ferleman intended to spell the word “whining,” not winning) and “lefty liberals.”

Ferleman’s meta tag description (see above) suggests that by blocking Kelley and Branchaw from his public campaign Facebook page, he is “taking them to the woodshed”, and he goes further by degrading Kelley and Branchaw’s generation as being “coddled” – ostensibly because Kelley and Branchaw asked Ferleman, a candidate for public office in Maryland’s largest county, two legitimate questions on his public campaign Facebook page.

Ferleman’s use of the term “snowflake” cannot be attributed to him directly. The pejorative phrase recently entered the political lexicon as a slight or dig at millennials and political liberals who may have an outsized sense of self-importance.

However, the diss turned mainstream in 2016, evolving into something more vicious, writes Jessica Goldstein of Think Progress. “The insult expanded to encompass not just the young but liberals of all ages; it became the epithet of choice for right-wingers to fling at anyone who could be accused of being too easily offended, too in need of “safe spaces,” too fragile.”

The use of the term “snowflake” took off running among the Trump wing of the Republican Party, a political sector that Dr. Ferleman himself harshly criticized and castigated on social media during the 2016 presidential campaign. Ferleman, in a social media post, once wrote that he refuses to vote for Donald Trump as president of the United States.

Tomi Lahren comes to mind when you hear or read the term “snowflake.” The former host of “Tomi” of Glenn Beck’s television network, The Blaze, made popular the phrase before she was terminated from her position for violating her contract. Lahren herself is often the subject of intense scrutiny from both conservative and progressive political activists.

Ferleman’s apparent doubling down over blocking dissenting opinion from his Facebook page took a bizarre turn yesterday when he wrote the following under his latest thread that links to my article:

Based on requests from parents, today we blocked more young people from our Facebook page. The request involved younger siblings of the original boys who were blocked. These parents are long standing friends of the Ferleman family and chose to make this request after discussions with Tom and their own children.

Montgomery County blogger Adam Pagnucco of The Seventh State Blog wrote the following comment under Ferleman’s latest post:

If such mild comments as the ones left by these two individuals trouble you, you won’t like being a candidate for office very much. I have seen many local elected officials deal with far worse on their Facebook pages.

Ferleman does have his public defenders, nevertheless. One fervent Facebook commentator who hasn’t been blocked by Ferleman believes that Ferleman is being targeted by the same contingency that continues to target Donald Trump – liberals and the mainstream media.

The Ferleman defender wrote on Ferleman’s thread:

As I read this article by Ryan Miner all I can say is it’s laughable at best. The more I read the more I question the motives of these two liberal college students. Why did these attacks on Tom Ferleman happen right after Craig Rice announced his candidacy? (interesting isn’t it?) Was Craig Rice behind this nonsense?

Let’s remember here folks that since November 8th 2016 the liberals and the media have made up lies after lies about any conservative that doesn’t agree with their agenda. I also would have let those men know that they better never call my house again. Who gave them the right to even call Tom’s home phone number, so keep in mind folks that these millennials are paid to cause as much havoc as they can. We’ve never seen violence and hatred like this before.

Tom Ferleman is a very sincere person who wants to make changes in Mongomery County, we’ve put up with these liberal government types for way too long. It’s time to make a change.

And in another post, she compares Ferleman’s scrutiny with Trump’s own, writing,

I don’t find this to be serious at all just a bunch of nonsense. Same ole stuff as what Trump is going through. It’s called resistance to the conservatives.

For more information about the Ferleman fallout and the Montgomery County Council races, please continue to follow AMinerDetail.com for the latest news.

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