Editors’ update

Dear A Miner Detail readers:

Once again, we wish to thank all of our readers who continue to support the mission of our small but fiercely independent news and multimedia outlet.

We launched A Miner Detail in April 2015 with a single mission: Gather the facts and report the truth.

A Miner Detail’s journalism has exposed government corruption; our down-the-middle, unbiased reporting has altered local governments and unspooled both the best and worst of politics and humanity.

A Miner Detail has faced off with its fair share of powerful political entities and partisan brokers.

This outlet’s reporting often irks powerful public figures, politicians, and special interest groups. On occasion, local public officials inexplicably and undeniably used their positions of power or their public prestige to dishonestly attack our reporting in an attempt to damage us, the editors, on a personal level.

Sadly, and to date, a handful of bad-faith public actors blatantly and egregiously misused Maryland’s judicial system as a means to infringe upon our First Amendment protections in a dishonest effort to enact revenge upon A Miner Details’ editors.

We will not stand for this. We will not be threatened. We will not be harassed into silence. We will not relent in bringing our readers the facts of every story that we believe is within the public’s interest.

The editors of A Miner Detail take seriously our sacred public responsibility: We are journalists; we abide by and follow a strict code of ethics.

A Miner Detail will never cower or cave to powerful public figures and politicians, wealthy elites, big money, lobbyists, special interest groups, or prominent public political activists. 

Our sole commitment is to our readers. The truth guides our work.

As editors of this dynamic and growing local media outlet, we pledge to invariably present the facts as we have them, allowing the readers to decide what to make of the information before them.

We intend to publish a series of upcoming articles for which we understand may be unconventional but relevant and well within the public’s interest.

Please direct all questions to A Miner Detail Deputy Editor Eric Beasley.

We wish you a safe, happy, and healthy holiday season.

All the best,

Ryan Miner, Editor
Eric Beasley, Deputy Editor

*A Miner Detail is a registered limited liability corporation in the state of Maryland.*

Ryan Miner Administrator
Ryan Miner is the Editor in Chief, Founder, Senior Political Reporter and Publisher of A Miner Detail. He is the host of A Miner Detail Podcast.
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