Cheryl Kagan Backs David Myles’ Re-election Bid, Overlooking Assault Charges

This is a photograph of Maryland state Senator Cheryl Kagan and Rockville City Councilman David Myles.

Maryland State Sen. Cheryl Kagan (D-Montgomery) has publicly endorsed Rockville City Councilman David Myles for re-election despite Myles’ September 2023 arrest and pending second-degree assault charges. 

2023 campaign mailer showing Maryland state Senator Cheryl Kagan endorsing Rockville Councilman David Myles amidst Myles' pending assault charges.

David Myles, 43, faces second-degree assault charges from a September 2023 domestic incident involving his wife, Taneisha Myles, 45. 

Listen to an Oct. 17, 2019, interview David Myles did with A Miner Detail Podcast.

The Myles couple were both charged relating to an alleged domestic incident that occurred on Sept. 9. 

Taneisha Myles filed for divorce from her husband, David, on Sept. 19.

Cheryl Kagan Endorses David Myles’ 2023 Re-Election to Rockville City Council 

Kagan’s support for David Myles’ re-election to the Rockville City Council isn’t a mere verbal affirmation.

In the past, Kagan has financed independent expenditure campaigns, including funding mailers on behalf of candidates she supports, showcasing her deep commitment to their election campaigns.

In 2022, Kagan spent $35,000 or more on campaign mailers targeting two (now former) Republican state delegates, Reid Novotny of District 9A (Howard and Carroll Counties) and Sid Saab of District 33 (Anne Arundel County). 

Both delegates, who opposed Kagan’s bill on 911 service protection, lost their bids for state senate seats in the general election. 

Returning to this year’s Rockville municipal elections, Kagan’s latest mailer endorses David Myles and city council candidates Kate Fulton, Paul Scott, Barry Jackson, and Adam Van Grack.

This is a photograph taken from Maryland State Senator Cheryl Kagan's website showcasing a campaign mailer in which she endorses candidates for the Rockville City Council.

While these candidates might bask in the senator’s backing, those left out – including Daniel Belay, Richard Gottfried, Harold Hodges, Ricky Mui, Anita Powell, Izola Shaw, and Marisa Valeri – might feel slighted.

Senator Kagan has also voiced her opinions about Rockville’s ballot initiatives. 

Kagan has expressed public support for extending voting rights to 16-year-olds and non-citizens while opposing propositions for term limits and district council seats.

This is a photograph taken from a YouTube video of State Senator Cheryl Kagan meeting with officials at Queen Anne's County, Maryland, 911 Center.

Her decision to endorse Davis Myles amid his recent legal troubles underscores her unwavering commitment to candidates she believes will serve the interests of Rockville and its residents.

How her latest round of endorsements will influence Rockville’s 2023 municipal election remains to be seen.

Adam Pagnucco, founder of Montgomery Perspective, first reported Cheryl Kagan’s endorsement mailers for David Myles and other City Council candidates.

Quick Facts About Rockville City Councilman David Myles September 2023 Arrest and Pending Assault Charges 

Who Was Involved in the Incident

Rockville City Councilman David Myles and his wife, Taneisha Myles.

What Happened

David Myles and his wife, Taneisha, were arrested and charged with second-degree assault from a domestic incident.

Where the Incident Happened

The alleged incident occurred at the 1100 block of Regal Oak Drive residence in Rockville, Maryland.

When Did the Incident Occur

The alleged incident occurred on Sept. 9, 2023.

Mr. Myles posted a $5,000 bond and was released from police custody.

Details regarding his wife’s release remain unavailable.

This is a snapshot taken from a YouTube Video hosted by Montgomery County Councilman Evan Glass interviewing Rockville City Councilman David Myles.

The Details Surrounding the Incident

The Myles couple believe their altercation began over a disagreement about whether their daughter should go swimming.

Charging documents show conflicting stories about the primary aggressor in the incident.

Additional Details About Rockville City Councilman David Myles’ September 2023 Arrest & Pending Criminal Trial 

The information below is pulled from court documents.

  • David Myles’ trial is set for November 3 in the Montgomery County District Court in Rockville.
  • Details on Taneisha Myles’ trial are currently unavailable.
  • The City of Rockville declined to comment, labeling the incident as “a personal matter” and declined to comment further.
  • Taneisha Myles claims her husband has had past violent episodes and was the aggressor in the altercation.

This is a snapshot taken from D.C. Fox 5's website from a report that Rockville City Councilman David Myles was arrested on assault charges on Sept. 9, 2023.

  • Mrs. Myles alleges that her husband pushed, kicked, and slammed her arm into a door, Mrs. Myles claims she resorted to scratching and biting her husband to defend herself.
  • David Myles paints his wife, Taneisha, as the primary aggressor and accuses her of multiple violent episodes over the past year.
  • Mr. Myles says his wife, Taneisha, pinched, scratched, and bit him during their argument.
  • When trying to leave their home, Mr. Myles claims Taneisha struck him in the back of the head and pushed him onto his back.
  • Rockville City Police officers reportedly “determined that Taneisha was the primary aggressor.”

About Rockville City Councilman David Myles

  • Elected to Rockville council in November 2019.
  • Hec completed pediatrics training at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore.- Moved to Maryland in 2010 after attending Yale University.
  • Morehouse College alumnus.
  • Served three years of active duty in the U.S. Navy.
  • Deployed for seven months on a humanitarian medical mission in Central and South America.
  • Returned to Rockville in 2016 after a Navy assignment.
  • Avid cyclist; member of the Rockville Bike Advisory Committee.
  • Formerly worked in a rural Maryland emergency department as a pediatrician.
  • Joined Montgomery County’s Mental Health Advisory Committee.
  • Served as opioid liaison for the Maryland chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics.
  • Active at the national AAP level on the Committee on State Government Affairs.
  • Involved in the “Rockville Goes Purple” campaign addressing opioid addiction awareness.
  • Currently practices as a general pediatrician.

About the 2023 City of Rockville elections

In Rockville’s 2023 elections, residents will vote for mayor and six council members through a vote-by-mail system.

Registered voters within city limits will receive their ballots, which must be returned by 8:00 p.m. on Election Day, November 7.

For convenience, ballots can be mailed back using prepaid postage or deposited in secure drop boxes at several sites, including City Hall, Montrose Community Center, and various community centers.

On November 7, Rockville residents wishing to vote in person can do so at the City Hall or Thomas Farm Community Center vote centers.