Can you spare a few bucks to help out Rand Paul in New Hampshire?

By Ryan Miner 

I created this GoFundMe campaign to help out interested Rand Paul volunteers travel to the first-in-the-nation primary in New Hampshire.

I believe in the cause of liberty, and that’s why I want to help volunteers who support Rand Paul travel to New Hampshire and help Rand win.

Money is tight, as we all know, but my goal is to raise enough cash to help Rand volunteers travel to New Hampshire to assist Rand’s team with “Get Out The Vote” efforts before the February 9 primary.

The funds raised through GoFundMe will be distributed equally to those who want to travel to New Hampshire. The funds will be given to Rand Paul volunteers who need financial assistance with hotels, gas, food, etc.

NOTE: This GoFundMe page is being managed by me, a loyal Rand Paul supporter.

I do not work for the Rand Paul campaign and I have  no affiliation at any level with Rand Paul’s New Hampshire campaign. This GoFundMe page was created entirely by me to assist with Rand’s efforts in New Hampshire.

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