Amie Hoeber comes out swinging against David Vogt; Vogt swings back

By Ryan Miner 


I received multiple phone calls on Sunday from sources spread throughout the 6th Congressional District who received a telephone call in the form of basic identification poll. My sources claim that the telephone poll asked questions about David Vogt and his congressional candidacy.

Later in the poll, recipients were asked questions related to one of Vogt’s primary opponents. Guess who? Amie Hoeber.

Apparently the poll used language to suggest that Amie Hoeber is pro-abortion and is affiliated with liberal women organizations – the same nonsense Red Maryland has been propagating in the aftermath of the CD-6 debate; this was the same debate where Brian Griffiths, Red Maryland’s “Editor-in-Chief,” bought his way onto the panel by generously offering to “advertise” the debate on Red Maryland’s radio network (snore).

I wouldn’t imagine Vogt’s campaign would want to team up with Red Maryland to try to take down Hoeber in this primary. I just can’t see that happening. David Vogt is much, much better than that.

After hearing from my sources, I reached out to David Vogt’s relatively new campaign manager, Nicholas Hunter Cardone (he goes by Hunter) via Facebook Messanger to find out more information. Incidentally, Cardone is from North Carolina and a former Blaine Young staffer for Young’s 2014 bid for Frederick County Executive; Cardone is also serving as Vogt’s legislative aide in Annapolis during this session.

To be honest, Cardone and I haven’t exactly gotten off on the right foot.

Immediately – and I mean virtually within seconds – after a live interview I conducted with Amie Hoeber on Jan. 8, Cardone called my cell and blasted me for “being in the tank for Hoeber.” No, Hunter. I’m in the tank for no candidate. I opened up my show to Hoeber after Red Maryland lied about her record. I would have done the same thing for David Vogt if Red Maryland lied about his record.

The phone conversation with Cardone after my Hoeber interview actually ended well; but still, meh. My first impression of Cardone left much to be desired.

And as I said multiples times, I’m undecided in this congressional race and will wait to see how it all plays out. In full disclosure, I have a personal friendship with Vogt. That actually matters to me. It certainly won’t be ruined over some damn congressional race.

I reached out to Cardone on Facebook Messanger this past Sunday afternoon to inquire about the Vogt campaign’s Facebook poll. The Vogt poll reminds me of the same tactics Sen. Michael Hough used against David Brinkley in the District 4 Senate primary in 2014. I insinuated to Cardone that these are the same tactics Hough used against Brinley, to which Cardone responded,

“Michael Hough has no association with this campaign whatsoever. If he did you would think he would have at least endorsed us by now which he hasn’t. We polled on issues relevant to conservative voters 6th district, if Amie views it as her being attacked then I think it says more about her and where she stands than anything.”

I asked Cardone directly if the Vogt campaign sanctioned the poll to mention Amie Hoeber’s name in association with “liberal organizations” and whether the poll inferred that she is “pro-abortion.”

Finally, and after a testy exchange, Cardone admitted the following:

“We did a telephone poll to determine the major issues for voters in the district and a ballot test which mentioned all the candidates names.

This campaign isn’t associating her with anything. Where she stands on issues and the organizations she is involved with speak for themselves.

“I’m gonna reiterate what I’ve said from the beginning. We did a poll on the major issues facing the voters of this district. There was a ballot test with each candidates name mentioned. Period.”

Let’s just say Cameron Harris, Vogt’s former CM, would have handled the conversation I had with Cardone entirely different.

Cam and I have an excellent working relationship. He’s an honorable and respectable person with whom I have a tremendous amount of respect for, and will continue to work with in the future. Cam has a bright future because he’s politically talented and capable.

Hoeber obviously heard about the Vogt-sanctioned ID poll mentioning her name.

The Hoeber camp responded today to Vogt’s “ID telephone poll” on her campaign Facebook page by issuing a stern press release:

“I was deeply disappointed to learn that the campaign of David Vogt, one of my primary opponents, is calling voters throughout the Sixth District to disparage my lifelong advocacy for women’s advancement and opportunity.

I proudly serve as a board member for an organization, the House of Ruth Maryland, whose sole purpose is to help women and children escape abusive relationships by providing shelter and legal support. And I have long volunteered my time as a mentor to women in business, including advancing opportunities for women in the military.

These are not political pursuits or liberal dreams. I simply believe in helping women, children and families.

Delegate Vogt’s campaign of dirty tricks and tactics is contemptible.

Does Delegate Vogt believe that women and children should remain in abusive relationships? Does he oppose the advancement of and equal opportunities for women in business and the military?

Rather than attack my accomplishments, Delegate Vogt should share his own track record on women and children and tell Marylanders how he has helped strengthen families.

I call on Delegate Vogt to immediately denounce and cease the immature, ugly tactics of his campaign. The people of Maryland deserve better.”

It’s important to note that Amie Hoeber hasn’t attacked any of her primary opponents. But more importantly, why would she? The attacks have largely come from Robin Ficker and Red Maryland. Hoeber hasn’t even responded to Ficker’s attacks. From my knowledge, Hoeber has never attacked Vogt – on anything.

Even during the rather low-key CD-6 debate, none of the candidates attacked one another, which surprised me, considering Robin Ficker’s recent social media diatribes against Hoeber.

Attacks are fair game when you run for office. I fully expect this Republican primary to get ugly.

I like David Vogt personally, and I admire Amie Hoeber’s experience and resume.

Hell, I’m not even going to say to keep it clean.

This is a contest for the United States House of Representatives in Maryland, nonetheless. Republicans in Maryland fight hard, and sometimes they fight dirty. So what?  Jump in, respond, fight back, and highlight who the best person is for the office. This is politics. This ain’t beanbag, as my friend Don Murphy often reminds his Facebook friends.

Speaking of firing back, David Vogt’s campaign released the following statement in response to Hoeber’s statement:

“I am pro-life, period. Amie Hoeber refuses to say the same, and 6th District voters are concerned with her record of directing the National Women’s Political Caucus, a liberal group that supports pro-choice candidates. Republicans overwhelmingly want candidates who will stand up and fight for the right to life. Amie Hoeber has instead fought for a liberal group that believes only pro-choice candidates are qualified to represent women.

  • I am proud of my record of supporting women and fighting for pro-life policies in the House of Delegates. I co-sponsored the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act and the Women’s Late-Term Pregnancy Health Act last session. This session, I have introduced Lynette’s Law, a bill that supports and advocates for victims of sexual abuse.

    During my time as a Marine, I was awarded for my work in ensuring that equal opportunity and fair treatment were instilled within the US Marine Corps and Department of Defense.

    My record is clear – I have been an outspoken advocate for women and conservative pro-life policies.

    I commend Amie Hoeber on her work to support women in abusive relationships. I just wish that she would be as outspoken in the fight to support pro-life policies instead of chairing liberal pro-choice groups and donating to liberal pro-abortion Democrat Martin O’Malley.”

He who fires the first shot should be ready for the counterpunch.

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Ryan Miner is the Editor in Chief, Founder, Senior Political Reporter and Publisher of A Miner Detail. He is the host of A Miner Detail Podcast.
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